Posted on: May 1, 2021 Posted by: Frank Brooks Comments: 0

As it has been informed in the Irish news about the lottery vertical, Charities Institute Ireland calls the distribution of funds generated by the country’s National Lottery into question.

Now the government needs to reconsider the amount of money it allocates for good causes and the process of distribution.

Transparency causes doubts

According to the charity organization, the transparency of the process creates the majority of doubts. The main reason for this was that the body couldn’t get the donations and had problems while applying for them.

The Institute representatives say that it will be better if they have a clear understanding of how everything is carried out, which means more transparent processes. They want to see the procedure in detail, including the dates when the funds are available for application, the allowed sum of the allocation as well as the stages of the financing procedure. In addition to this, the organization emphasizes that the administrative side isn’t consistent, which also becomes a hindrance. Moreover, the pandemic has revealed that the good causes system has many drawbacks, which need to be replaced by new approaches. For example, the replacement of in-person signatures by electronic ones during the application.

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